Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chicken hat celebrates the Moon Festival!

Chicken Hat and Friends of Chicken Hat went out to the Steens to watch the full moon rise over the Alvord Desert. And a fine time was had by all. We had everything we needed:

The tea,

The mooncakes,

The Chicken Hat and the the Chicken Hat BFF,

The moonrise—I was really surprised at how well this worked—handheld at 1/60, with the flash lighting the desert floor,

(The bad compression job is by blogger, not by me.)

And the Friends of Chicken Hat,


gl. said...

hey, chicken hat! glad you had a good time at the steens and got to meet your chicken hat bff!

Michael5000 said...


Those mooncakes are strangely... pretty!

Sundry said...

Amazing moon photo!!