Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oooh, my first tag!

My Egghead over at The Last Bedroom tagged me, for 7 Facts About My Intriguing Self! Now, how about that? I'm happy to oblige, of course.

One: I'm a member of Hensa, a group of highly intelligent birds.

Two: My hobbies are looking pretty and going to the theater, but I have a Day Job too, and that is to keep my Egghead's, um, head, warm.

Three: I have no teeth, not even really little ones.

Four: My best friend is a tea cozy.

Five: My other best friend is a lumpy.

Six: I was born at Liv & Lotus's, and I had many sisters and, uh, more sisters.

Seven: I was custom made for my Egghead's especially large and oh-I'm-allergic-to-wool head! So you know I really am special.

Well, I guess my seven is up. But I think maybe I'll play this game again and tell you even more fascinating things about myself!